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Meet the Vowler Family…

Regan started at WVCA when she was 16 months old. At that time, she was not walking or talking but we knew she was ready for a more structured environment. Regan has Down syndrome, so we wanted to send her to a school that would celebrate her uniqueness and also push her to do her best. She is now walking, running, talking in sentences, and continues to love going to school. From one-on-one therapies to small inclusive class environments, she’s able to receive the attention she needs to continue to thrive each year. After seeing Regan’s success in this diverse and special school, we never hesitated to send our son Hank through the same programs. Hank is a very verbal 2-year-old, and I have no doubt that it’s in part due to the encouragement from his teachers. I love that my son will learn and grow in an environment that is inclusive of students with ALL abilities and he will continue to grow his empathy, compassion, and patience at WVCA.”

Megan Vowler, Current WVCA Parent


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