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View the 2018-2019 WVCA Annual Report 

The past year has been the busiest year WVCA has seen in quite some time!  Highlights and accomplishments from the year include:

  • We recently celebrated the 95th anniversary of the founding of our organization!
  • Receiving the PA Keystone STAR 4 rating-  the highest quality rating available for child care centers.
  • Was chosen as one of the five founding members of and continues to serve as an active member of the ACCE (Autism Collaborative Centers of Excellence) initiative.
  • We have reached our highest enrollment ever this year and are continuing to grow! 
  • Service numbers for the 2019 – 2020 year included (as of May 2020):  386 children served;  33,643 services rendered;  2,274 physical therapy sessions delivered;  5,777 occupational therapy services delivered;  8,591 speech therapy sessions delivered; 27  group music therapy sessions;  17,001 educational services.
  • Completing a building renovation project valued at more than $300,000 to improve and expand multiple areas including:  a full renovation of the Occupational and Physical Therapy Suite, addition of two classrooms for the new Kindergarten program, new speech and administrative offices and the creation of a student’s testing room.
  • Hired faculty, purchased equipment and prepared the space for the launch of a brand new Kindergarten program.

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1.) Follow and like our social media pages (Facebook = @WVCAkids and Instagram = @wvca_kids) and by sharing, commenting, and liking our content you will help spread WVCA’s mission beyond our current circle of friends.

2.) You can also reach out to Christine Meluskey at if you are interested in volunteer opportunities or group projects. Visit our careers/volunteers section of our website for more info.

3.) Finally, come out and meet us at our events! We love to see new faces and get to know members of our community – ALL are welcome.

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WVCA strives to keep our tuition affordable, so that every child in our community can have the same access to our services. With many of our families needing financial assistance and tuition costs not covering the true price of our educational services  – we rely of the generosity of community members, local businesses and organizations to help fill the gap and ensure that our organization will exist for years to come. YOU can help local children facing immense challenges by making a donation to WVCA. Your financial support will give local children and families hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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